Geomorphology and Stream Restoration

Our team has the skills needed to complete any part of a geomorphic evaluation or stream restoration design. We can help identify projects by performing high level assessments of conditions within large scale landscapes and follow this with the site assessments needed to identify those characteristics of a stream that are functioning and those that could be improved.

Once a project location has been identified our team developes conceptual level designs that address the site needs. We have completed stream restoration designs for a variety of clients including watershed groups, private landowners, non-profits, and government entities. If you have questions about stream restoraton or are curious how you might benefit from these services reach out we are happy to discuss your project or region.

Our team is routinely subcontracted to provide stream design, stream restoration plan production, training, data processing or more. Have a project that needs a geomorphologist or stream design, but don't have one on our team, we would love to join your team! If you have staff that you would like to learn about stream restoration we can work with those to increase their skills.

Hydrography & Water Quality

Our team offers streamflow monitoring and related services. We can make discharge measurements, develop or review rating curves, calibrate streamflow monitoring stations, develop and review records, perform gain/loss studies, and perform special investigations studies.

We can develop area-capacity curves and monitoring systems that meet the requirements set forth in decrees and work for the water users.

Projects that need water quality sampling, study design, or record analysis. We are knowlegable about all major water quality databases including USEPA WQP and USGS NWIS.

Image of parshall flume with non-standard rating.
image of uplooker used for index-velocity measurements.

Drone Landscape Mapping & Inspection

We have Part 107 certified pilots and drones to complement our design projects, monitor site conditions, develop photogrammetry surfaces, and base ortho mapping. We utilize a variety of tools to produce products that are useful to the application and usable within commen environments such as Civil 3d and GIS software.

Image of beaver taken from our drone
Image of stream taken from our drone

Water Resources Engineering

Our team performs historic and potential consumptive use analysis. Hydraulic modeling for stream restoration design. We have developed scripts to analyze large and small datasets to provide meaningful summaries of the data (the good, the bad, and the ugly). We provide gis mapping and spatial analysis services.

Image of stream through willows.
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